Is that really what’s in the Garage?

Far from using the garage for car or vehicle storage, homeowners have been viewing it as a space that they can turn into another use. Why limit yourself to the rather prosaic option of sticking the car in it every night when you’ve got a nice space there that can be repurposed to something more esoteric? Modern cars are mostly plastic so the rusting that you used to get with cars before the 90’s is very rare now. You could happily leave it out on the drive. The technology of paint protection is so good nowadays that it makes snow, ice and rain slightly irrelevant.

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Getting to the front of the Garage is the first port of call. A Garage Doors Bristol based company like can soon get that fixed for you if it is looking a bit ropey. What can you put inside the garage other than a car?

  1. Home Gym. Why bother paying a monthly fee to an expensive gym when you can have a similar set up in your own home. No more waiting for the equipment to be free and you can be sure that the only sweat on it will be yours. No communal showers either.
  2. Games Room. Ever wanted to have a room like an old 80’s arcade? Maybe a pool table or even a full sized snooker table. You’ll never be able to get that thing in the main house after all.

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  1. An office. We’ve all had to get used to the concept of home working and having a dedicated space might well be the best option going forward. Maybe you’ve enjoyed the experience. Why not find a way of making it a permanent arrangement. Your employees will love you for it as it shows a real effort.
  2. Crafting and Art space. Ever wondered if you can paint? It’s difficult having the space in the house to keep the easel and all the equipment that comes with a crafting lifestyle. Therefore why not create dedicated space for your pursuits. You could be a real Jackson Pollock if you fancy it.

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