Moving home or extending your existing one

There comes a time when your family has expanded to the point where you need to have more space. However, there are other reasons for this, perhaps you are looking to start up a business, or maybe you want some more room for hobbies and interests. For example, many people find that they wish to have a dedicated office space with the increase in home working. There are two choices in that situation, move home or extend.

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There are plenty of arguments for both options. Firstly, however, the main factors that usually come into play are selling the property itself and how much you can get. It might be that you are unable to get much of the deposit from the sale. A larger property will also increase expenses to heat the home and possibly a rise in the council tax banding.

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A secondary option is to stay put and to expand the existing property. This might be a more logical choice as the cost can be limited. For example, it’s best to look at someone like, a Building Contractors Bristol based operator who can advise you and get the job done. The costs for an extension are much less than a home move, plus they can add considerable worth to a property. There may even be the possibility that you can lend against the property with a further advance to clear the cost of the work.

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