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Is Mbah Gotho 146 years old?

A centenarian who claims to be the world’s oldest man says he recently celebrated his 146th birthday. According to his ID card, Mbah Gotho, from Indonesia, was born on 31 … Continue reading

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Have you heard of putpockets?

A former pickpocket is educating people in a unique way.

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Man stopped going to work, no one noticed for 6 years

Here’s a strange news story from 2016 that I missed: A man stopped going to work – and nobody noticed for six years.  A Spanish civil servant who failed to … Continue reading

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Video on WordPress?

From the iPhone WordPress app, you can upload video just as you would a photo. Here’s a quick video test of me playing my new guitar in the new year, … Continue reading

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Hollyweed: Prankster alters L.A. landmark sign

The iconic hillside sign overlooking Southern California’s film-and-television hub was defaced overnight in honor of marijuana. Residents awoke on Sunday to find “Hollyweed” staring down at them in four-story, white … Continue reading

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New Years rituals

I asked several people what they will doing tonight. Here’s what they said: A: I’m singing at the Hyatt in midtown for their NYE party.  T: I’ll make happy pancakes … Continue reading

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Thieves use heavy equipment to steal ATM

Some robbers in Texas were determined to make off with an ATM. Dramatic surveillance video shows the heist as it unfolded at a Texarkana Credit Union in the early hours … Continue reading

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