Romney Marsh – A History of the Area, and why it is so Special

Romney Marsh is a place that many people visit each year – as well as the fact that there are lots of local things to do in Romney Marsh such as this  , it is also a special place, that has a unique landscape and eco system of its own. It is sometimes referred to as Britain’s only desert, as well as the fifth continent, because of the unique landscape of the area.

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Romney Marsh is a wetland that was formed fairly recently in geographical terms. A few thousand years ago, it was all underwater, it wasn’t until 5000BC when the farmers started to be able to cross the water channel to Kent. Due to the tides, a large sandbank then started to form and the soil in the area was particularly fertile due to the deposits of minerals brought in by the rivers.

The area became a smuggling hotspot in later years, particularly during the 17th Century. As well as this, the local sheep, still a well-known feature of the marsh today, the Romney sheep were farmed here, for wool and meat.

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Because of the area’s proximity to the continent, it has many defences, some dating back to Roman times, and some that are much more recent, from the first and second world war. As well as being a special area of ecological significance, Romney Marsh has also long been a place of strategic significance and is a huge attraction to people looking to delve into history as well as those who want to indulge in some birdwatching!

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