Seven Amazing Reasons To Start A Garden

There are as many reasons to start gardening as there are gardeners. You might look at gardening as adult playtime and it is since it’s a joy to dig in the earth, plant little seeds, and watch them grow. Or you might view gardening as an economical way of getting healthy food with gardening chores as part of your responsibility. One thing is certain: the benefits of growing gardens are many and varied. Regardless of your primary motive for starting a garden, the process is sure to bring you many rewards. Here are a few reasons curated by best online gambling sites usa.

  1. Healthy Food – Right at Your Backdoor

You know what is in your backyard and what you are putting into your garden. With the growing concerns about various chemicals used in the food supply chain and their effects, there is a high demand for organic produce. Additionally, fresh vegetables are 50% higher in nutrients than their long traveled cousins. When you have your own garden you can ensure that your family gets fresh food that is thoroughly safe and is the most ‘local’ you can get!

  1. Exercise with Your Eggplant

Gardening is an excellent form of exercise and includes both cardio and aerobic exercise. Research shows that you can burn up to 300-400 calories an hour with moderate gardening. Gardening requires various poses with stretches, muscle tension and walking movements: these all add up to a serious workout while tending to your patch.

  1. Save Mounds of Money

Who’s kidding who? The cost of food, especially organic produce is going up. A garden allows for fresh and great tasting organically grown food that is a pittance of the price you’d pay at the grocery store (one seed is between 3-10 cents). If you plan well, you can have food for not only the summer and early fall months, but also throughout the winter months. Make sure you investigate canning and jarring to lock in those goodies: once you get the hang of it, it is relatively easy (just a little time consuming up front). Also, beets, apples, onions and squash are easily stored in cool dark places for winter use.

  1. Picture Perfect

A house flowing with lovely foliage of flowers and vegetables is a pleasure to view. The richness of growing plants: flowers or a vegetable garden are soothing and appealing. Make a little bench or a sitting area close by so you can stop and smell the roses…or beans.

  1. Benefit Children’s Development

Numerous studies have shown that garden-based education improves academic performance and may lead to higher test scores (especially in the areas of math and science) with overall improvement on standardized achievement tests and improved positive attitudes toward learning. Also, teaching children to garden gives them immeasurable life skills of independence and sustainability while encouraging them to eat more vegetables as well. The daily activity in the garden can become an excellent family time that is a communal project to encourage team building and independent skills.

  1. Expanding Horizons

Gardening is a great way to expand your horizons. Try planning a vegetable you have never tried and see what you think when it is in full growth. Actively meet other gardeners through garden clubs, plant organizations, and gardening websites to swap seeds and get informed. Share the successes and mistakes! Playing games at machine a sous en ligne argent reel can also expand your horizons in the gaming world.

  1. Personal Time

Gardening provides an outlet for your own personal time. It is not an arbitrary place or date (like: “I should go to the gym sometime”); it is real and in your face. Take the time for yourself to decompress and have a place to go to just let thoughts flow and your mind wander. If the butterflies can do that, so can YOU!

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