Six Must-Have Bridal Wedding Accessories

Bridal accessories will add an extra-special something to your wedding dress. We’ve got a checklist ready for you with plenty of wedding accessories to choose from, courtesy of best au online casino.

  1. Shoes

Of course all the accessories you wear on your wedding day are important, but I’m sure most brides-to-be will agree that your shoes are top of the list. But exactly what style, what colour to choose.

Well of course there are lots of things to take into consideration here. To begin with it’s going to be a long day, so comfort is important. If you choose to wear stilettos, then it’s a good idea to ask your matron of honour to bring along some flats for you to change into during the evening.

  1. Headwear

There are so many pretty accessories to wear in your hair on your wedding day, and whether your wedding is formal, casual, vintage, or even on the beach finding the perfect one for you will be great fun. Here are just a few ideas:

Of course this has always been the traditional choice, and still continues to be popular, especially at more formal weddings.

Tiaras are always pretty, and suit almost every hairstyle. Just perfect if you always dreamed of being a princess when you were a little girl – now you can.

Veil and Tiara
This is a good plan if you want to wear a traditional veil during your ceremony. .You can remove the veil when all the serious stuff is over and leave the tiara on for the more relaxed reception.

Fresh flowers are always a pretty hair accessory, especially for up-dos or chignons.

Sparkly Combs and Slides
Diamante combs and slides give a softer, romantic look to the hair. Jewelled slides between soft curls are just perfect for a more casual wedding such as a beach wedding or a backyard wedding.

  1. Bag

A pretty bag is a must for every bride on her wedding day. Not only will it compliment your outfit, but it will be useful to carry the few bits you may need during the day, such as:

safety pins

  1. Wrap

Whatever time of the year you plan your wedding, you can’t plan the weather. So a wrap or stole or bolero is a must. Especially if you and your bridesmaids are standing outside for a long photo session in a cold wind. You and your bridesmaids wearing matching faux fur stoles will look great in your photographs, users of casino roulette enligne love its style.

  1. Gloves

A pair of beautiful satin gloves are a really elegant accessory to wear on your wedding day. A pair of fingerless gloves, just above the elbow, embroidered and embellished with tiny beads or pearls is the perfect way to finish off your outfit.

  1. Flowers

There’s a lot more to the wedding bouquet than the bride throwing it over her head at the end of the ceremony – it’s also a vital accessory to the way you dress on your big day. So choose it carefully, and make sure you go with a bouquet style that goes with your dress. The best way to make sure of this is to study the wedding bouquet brochure your florist shows you.

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