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Tekken 7 julia release date, combos and tips

Recently, Tekken 7 was released to the public. Julia is a new character to this iteration of Tekken and she has been coming out as an incredibly powerful fighter. She can be unlocked by playing through Arcade Mode with any character or purchasing her for 10,000 in-game credits. This blog post will explore why julia may be the best character in the game and how you should play as her if you want to win matches consistently.

Tekken 7 julia release date

Tekken 7 julia release date

The first and most obvious reason that Julia is a powerful character in Tekken 7 is that she was released as DLC after the game was released. If you compare this to other fighting games like Street Fighter, where characters can be added to the roster, but they’re only really added if they are popular enough (or if it’s part of an update, like in Street Fighter 4). Read more: Top 7 Best Isekai Anime You Should See

When characters are added to the game, they usually receive buffs to their existing move sets. This is because when already finished with development, there isn’t really any need for animators or developers to create new character models and animations since they’re already done. This means that if a character gets buffed, then it’s entirely possible that the buffed character becomes way more powerful than their original version, especially if they didn’t really have any clear weaknesses.

Street Fighter 5 juri buffs

Tekken 7 is no exception to this rule. Julia has received several buffs since she was added to the game, which raises her viability dramatically over other characters in the game. Even before she received these buffs, Julia was still very powerful in the right hands. However, comparing her to other characters in Tekken 7 at vanilla/original release could argue that she was the best character in the game.

Tekken 7 julia combos

The second reason that makes julia a strong character is that she has a very high combo damage output, with a few of her combos being able to do around 50% damage on some characters. This is because most juggle starters from vanilla/original Tekken 7 have been changed to allow for higher damage, which was probably done either due to a large number of complaints about how low the combo damage in vanilla Tekken 7 was or because of the buffs that she received in later updates to Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 julia butterfly sweep

These combo starters include several unbreakable moves, such as her back throw, forward throw, and standing 6. This is because these throws are ‘hard knockdown’ which means that they cannot be escaped by a quick get up, which is usually done by tapping either 1, 2 or both punch buttons while being thrown.

The third reason that makes julia a very strong character in Tekken 7 is her back throw whiff punisher. Most characters have normal throws that are used as combo starters and they can be broken out of if you hold either 3, 4 or both punches at the same time when your opponent is throwing you. However, Julia’s back throw is special because if your opponent tries to break it with any of these holds, they get thrown behind you instead.

This makes her back throw whiff punisher one of the most consistent punishers in the entire game, which is a great advantage when trying to end rounds in Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 Julia combos tips

The fourth reason that makes julia a powerful character in the right hands is her back turned to mix up potential. This means that if an opponent tries to block your wakeup kicks after you get up from being knocked down, then you can do a back turn and go for a low poke or a high attack.

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