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The Definition of Motivation at Work

Motivation in the workplace can be defined as the ability to gain a sense of satisfaction from doing work related tasks. Motivation is an important concept because it is associated with a variety of important processes in the psychological and physiological domains. It is a human need and can be seen as an evolved form of motivation, since all humans throughout history have demonstrated an interest in obtaining a reward, if they perform a certain action or behave a certain way. Motivation can also be defined as the ability to perform an activity or behave in an appropriate manner despite negative consequences. In other words, motivation is a complex construct that involves an inner desire to follow a particular goal with the appropriate external pressures. In order to give your staff the best start you should work with a Next Day delivery desks company such as Best Buy Office Chairs to ensure your staff are kitted out with everything they need.

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Work motivation “is an intricate set of interrelated dynamic forces that originate in and beyond the individual being, to drive work-related behavioral patterns, direction, intensity, duration, and type of response.” Motivation at work therefore includes three components namely, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, and organizational climates that affect employees to act on their motivation. These three components are collectively referred to as the “drive factors” or “motivational elements” that influence employees to work effectively and productively in the workplace.

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Motivational theories suggest that employees are more productive when they are motivated. Employees who are motivated to do their work are more effective, while those who are not motivated are not as productive. To keep motivated employees stay engaged in their jobs, businesses should provide a variety of incentives including salary increases, recognition, advancement opportunities, and recognition. A satisfied and motivated employee is likely to achieve career success and become a productive and contributing member of the organization.

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