Three Ways that you Can Improve your Sleep

A good night’s sleep is something that is important for our health. From boosting the immune system to improving mental health, sleep is important and when sleep suffers our health can suffer too. If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, here are a few things which will help you to improve your sleep quality…

A Room Where You Can Rest – Having a peaceful and calm environment to sleep in is important. If your room is cluttered and untidy, this will not be the best place to get your mind in a calm state. Have a tidy up and if necessary, spend some time re-designing your room, Additional storage like these fitted wardrobes Hampshire based company https://lamco-design.co.uk/bespoke-fitted-wardrobes/ provide will be a good way to tidy the room.

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Food and Drink – Some of the eating and drinking habits that we have can play havoc with sleep. Caffeine is something that can keep us awake, so it is best to avoid this later in the day. Try switching to a herbal tea instead if you are struggling to kick the tea and coffee habit. Eating too late or eating too many rich foods is also something that can upset your sleep.

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A Night-time Routine – Having a night-time routine helps the body to prepare to go to sleep. Doing things like having a bath in the evening and doing a relaxing meditation will signal to the brain that it is time to unwind. Also try to keep to the same bedtime each night.

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