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Trends of the 90s – Which do you Remember?

As spring approaches the fashion world has fully embraced a return to the 90s – with 90s inspired pieces cropping up all over the catwalks, shop Farah menswear at if you are looking for your new spring look this season. As the 90s trend is set to be so big in the fashion world this season, it is worth taking a walk down memory lane and remembering some of the other big trends from the decade…

Tamagotchi’s – These virtual pets took the world by storm in the late 90s. A pet that could be carried around with you at your convenience and didn’t ruin the carpets was bound to be a hit – and they were selling out fast with queues forming at shops when a new shipment came in!

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Pog – This simple game was another toy that swept playgrounds all over the UK in the mid-90s – the object was to use a harder disc to win pogs from your friends, and with some being rarer than others there was often a lot of competition to complete the collection!

Mobile Phones – Life in the 90s was about to be changed forever when mobile phones started to become popular. Early classics such as the Nokia 3310 were basic by modern standards, but as well as being able to call and text people, you could also enjoy an addictive game of snake!

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Inflatable Furniture – This was everywhere in the 90s, and many a teen bedroom would contain an inflatable armchair or cushion – just be careful if you have a cat as then it would be punctured quickly!

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