What Do Patients Want From Their Doctors?

To put it simply, patients want to feel that they are partners in their health care. As the ultimate decision-maker, they expect that their physician will be open to discussing all of their concerns. Moreover, they want to know that they can discuss any concerns with their physician. The most important part of a consultation is communication. Many patients feel like an outsider when they visit a doctor. They often have trouble understanding the explanations provided by their doctors or feel that they are out of depth and unable to question things.

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Today’s patients are equipped with a huge amount of information. They are the experts on their own bodies and know when something is wrong. Often, they have already done their own research, and they want their physician to respect their own intuition. They also expect their physicians to explain medical information in terms that they understand. This means being transparent and honest about available treatments. Doctors should avoid using medical jargon when talking to patients.

Patients also appreciate continuity in their care. Sometimes it is unavoidable that a patient has to see a locum, for example. This is why choosing quality locum cover is essential for a medical practice. Find out more about Locum Insurance at a site like Howden Group

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In the current era of patient empowerment, patients want more from their providers. In addition to information about the treatment they receive, patients want access to their medical records and physician track records. Additionally, they want their doctors to be transparent and non-biased in their practice. As a result, physicians need to be more transparent in their communication.

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