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What Does Your Furniture Say About You?

There are many people who are obsessed with the appearance of their house. According to some, the amount of chaos in a person’s home is inversely proportional to the anxiety that person has. A messy sock drawer is an indication that the owner is not very detail oriented. If your house is a mess, you’re probably a less organized person and this could be adding to your stress levels. You should keep your belongings organized and choose items that show that and help you to achieve that.

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For example, a relaxing and clutter-free space will be full of low-profile couches with recessed lighting, geometric designs, and a mix of natural colours and elements. An organised person will likely opt for light-toned pieces and bold patterns, and they’ll probably buy a set of accent chairs in mismatched styles. You can tell your personality by how your furniture is arranged. If you’re comfortable with less formal arrangements then you’re probably more relaxed and sociable. For a chic contemporary look, consider Connubia Calligaris Tables from a site like Nua Style, a retailer of Connubia Calligaris Tables

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The same goes for the rest of your furniture. If you’re a laid back person, a sofa with a low profile will probably match your personality and your personal style. If you have pets, you may prefer to buy furniture with removable covers that can be washed. Alternatively, if you prefer a creative and eclectic look, you may want to opt for a mismatched table and chairs or combine elements of contemporary style with traditional furniture pieces.

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