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What Happens in an Annual Boiler Service?

A boiler is one of those items that is legally required to be serviced every year regardless of whether it is being used or not. Although there are exceptions such as furnaces and fireplaces, the entire heating system of a home or commercial building is not exempted from this requirement. When a boiler is serviced, its owner is notified through the mail or by phone of any scheduled service by the Boiler Service Gloucester company that they use, such as HPR Services

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At the scheduled time, the owner will receive a boiler service book that lists all of the scheduled services the system will have. Each of these services will detail how long the item will be out of service and when it will be back in service. This is important because, as with most things, when a boiler is serviced more frequently, it costs more money.

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There are many different factors that go into deciding how often a boiler should be serviced. For example, if the temperature in the home rises considerably over the course of the year, it will cost much more to run a boiler on a less frequent basis than it would to run it at set intervals.

The system is checked for any leaks or faults and the engineer will let you know the outcome of their findings and whether any remedial works need to be undertaken to make the system safe.


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