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What is a metal alloy

Metals can be found naturally in our environment and each of these has a number of positive and negative characteristics that make them perfect for certain applications. They can all be joined together by using Metal bonding adhesives like the ones from In some cases there may be the requirement for a mixture of characteristics from a number of different metals. This is where metal alloys come into play.

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Metal alloys can be created by mixing different metals together or by adding non-metal compounds to a metal mixture. Alloys are used in a variety of ways and often when the positive characteristics of different metals are needed in one item. It would be impossible to use two different metals in one construction so an alloy is used instead.

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Stainless steel for example is a mixture of iron and carbon and chromium. By adding other non-metal elements the result is a metal that is durable, self healing and not susceptible to corrosion. It is often used in kitchens and in sinks in particular.

Alloys are also used in making new elements of musical instruments including guitar picks, in statues and cars and places and also in the metal that is used to make guns and even in nuclear power plants. At present there are over 160 alloys that have been created.

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