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What is a Smart Meter and How Does It Work?

A smart meter is an electrical device which records data like consumption of electricity, voltage levels, AC/DC power, and energy factor. Smart meters communicate information to the user for better clarity of usage behaviour, and electrical power suppliers for system billing and customer direct billing. Most smart meters operate with software and can be integrated with internet applications and online or phone order service.

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One question that often comes up is what is a smart meter? It is actually a measurement device, which measures power consumption from electricity mains at specific key points. In some countries this form of measurement is also known as load management device. Smart meters are a highly useful tool in this area because they allow you to keep an accurate track of how much gas and electricity is being consumed and used in your home or business. For replacing a traditional Gas Meter box, go to Meterbox

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Other factors which affect how much gas and electricity are delivered to a home or business include; the efficiency of the gas and electricity meters, the size of the gas and electricity distribution system, the location of the mains, the reliability of the mains and the age of the gas and electricity meters. These devices are also available for non-household use in order to accurately measure carbon dioxide emissions. The main advantages of using smart meters are that they are highly reliable, can provide instant measurements and are environmentally sound. If you choose to have a gas and electricity meter fitted, make sure that the company you contact is fully authorized and licensed to do this type of work.

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