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What is an Estate Agent?

An estate agent is someone or company that actively promotes, rents, sells, or otherwise manages the management and/or holding of various residential and commercial properties. An estate agent that specializes in renting on a per unit basis is known as a leasing or letting agent. A hiring agent is an estate agent who actively promotes and rents commercial properties. They are also allowed to manage the property on behalf of a leasing or letting agent, and are typically employed to conduct negotiations between tenants and landlords.Gloucester Estate Agents TGRES can perform a number of services for their clients.

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What are some typical responsibilities of an estate agent? Just like any other professional, estate agents have many different duties and obligations. They are required to file reports and documents, conduct interviews, call for bids, perform background checks, make decisions about leasing or selling a property, draft contracts, and close real estate transactions.

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For agents that work directly with the leasing or letting companies, they must keep track of multiple transactions and clients at one time. Additionally, most agents need to have excellent communications skills and be extremely organised, as much of their work is conducted over the phone. With a combination of their legal expertise and extensive network of clients, agents help individuals and businesses sell, lease, buy, and manage commercial and residential properties, and help individuals prepare everything from selling a home to leasing an apartment.


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