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What Is Corrosion and How Does It Occur

The definition of corrosion is something that deals with materials that are non-flammable or that is conductive in nature. Materials that are conductive to corrosion are known as non ferrous and those that are non-flammable are called metallic.

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Materials that are non-flammable are more likely to have corrosion due to wear and tear, everyday use, weathering, and rusting. Metals like iron, steel, and copper all have a high resistance to corrosion because they are non-conductive in nature.

These metals can however be susceptible to corrosion if certain materials come into contact with them. Common examples of these materials include grease, oil, water, and other liquids. This is why it is important to use Surface Treatments from companies like Poeton if your metal products are likely to come into contact with any of these items.

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Corrosion can damage the integrity of the items that you have created and this could then have an impact on their function. There are many ways that you can help prevent this from happening and this may include looking for alternative materials to make your items from, as well as looking at ways in which you can protect the surface of the metal from corrosion.

The type of item that you are developing, along with its intended uses will be what determines what protection you need to give the item. If it is going to be used on a regular basis you might also want to take into consideration whether there is the potential for bumps and knocks to occur, which could further damage the surface and lead to corrosion.


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