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What is Family Planning?

What is family planning? Family planning is the capacity of couples and individuals to plan and achieve the optimum number of births that they desire and their spacing and timing. It is done through the intervention of artificial insemination or other fertility treatments and contraceptive practices.

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The concept of family planning arose out of the recognition that unintended pregnancy was becoming a major problem for modern women. Unintended pregnancy is defined as falling pregnant accidently whether through a lack of contraception use or a failure in contraception. It can occur to any couple, young or old if they are sexually active. It can pose a great threat to the social, psychological and economic development and well-being of the fetus and its mother. Therefore, steps must be taken to control it for those who desire a sex life without resulting in pregnancy.

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What is family planning? It helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It prevents the transmission of transmittable diseases and other harmful elements that can affect the life of anyone sexually active. What is family planning? It also helps to provide the best possible birth for a child by ensuring appropriate spacing and timing of childbirths for women, as well as benefiting the health of the mother.

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