What Is Fibbage Enough About You?

If you’ve never heard of Fibbage, it’s because it doesn’t have a “real world” identity. The company behind the game is based in Canada and has only been around since 2014. This is just one example of a recent trend that the rise of blockchain technology is bringing to the forefront: use cases that are so abstract that they could never be realized by traditional means.

What is Fibbage enough about you?

Fibbage Enough About You

Fibbage is a game that contains hundreds of questions, which players have to answer in order. Think of it like the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” button: If you incorrectly guess an answer or fail to respond within 30 seconds, you’re penalized with Fibbage Saga points. The more guesses and responses are incorrect or failed, the higher your score goes up. That can make this interesting bit-based board game a virtual lock for those who want to go viral on the internet.

Fibbage is easy enough for anyone to understand, so what could possibly go wrong? The fact that Fibbage Saga points can be earned and lost in “experimental marketplaces” doesn’t help either, especially when you don’t know how or why someone decided where you went should turn out. What these online experiments do seem to suggest, according to a few experts in the field is that blockchain technology could prove effective for entertainment purposes.

Rounds 1 and 2

The AI of the game is what really sets it apart from your traditional board games. While this promise may at first seem to be too good to be true, there’s actually potential for blockchain technology to change our perceptions of artificial intelligence and make human input unnecessary.

Who would play a Monopoly-esque game if they were being automatically penalized every time one guessed incorrectly? Perhaps not so much… especially since you still had that chance to compete in a real-world tournament against the best players worldwide.

At this point, it is yet to be decided whether Fibbage would do well as an app or on consoles and computer devices – however, there are some online games that zaful has turned into successful mobile apps. Still, what remains very clear about such projects is their potential for success if executed precisely: If you picture Zafu’s biggest challenge being “

Round 3 – Final Fibbage

As for Fuzzland, the game is still in development and requires a lot of work to complete. However, what seems most promising about this particular title is that any funds raised after an initial release can also be reserved by crowd investors – there are options where each funder becomes their own private dealer/owner during gameplay. Developers have described it as being similar to Kickstarter but with crypto-based investments, while being somewhat different due to the fact that there were no major goals involved – it only deals with the production and distribution of a game. It’s still in its early stages.


Fibbage is a funny game where you lie about small facts and makeup more ridiculous lies to see how long it takes for someone to realize that they are being fibbed. It’s similar to the game of “telephone” where people repeat a story with slight changes until it gets too ridiculous. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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