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What is Radioactive Waste?

Radioactive waste is any solid or gaseous substance that contains a measurable amount of radiation that has been emitted by an atom or a neutron. The amount of radiation emitted varies slightly according to the frequency of the radiation and its energy. Most radioactivity comes from cosmic rays, x-rays of the sun, nuclear weapons testing or waste from nuclear energy plants.

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Radioactive waste can be classified into two types: non-hazardous waste, which consists of materials that are economically and medically usable; and hazardous waste, which does not have any use in the present environment. It is divided into three different categories based on the quantity of waste released or emitted. These categories are residential waste, industrial waste, and commercial waste. Each of these has its own unique characteristics and hazards. Special consideration must be given to land which may have been contaminated with any form of radiation. For more information on Land Remediation Services, visit Soilfix

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Residential waste, which consists of disposal containers for discarded lamps, batteries, electronic equipment, smoke detectors, etc. Commercial waste consists of materials such as used nuclear fuel, medical isotopes, spent nuclear fuel, reprocessed fuel rods, testing instruments, etc. The radioactivity level of these substances depends on their age and how they were disposed of. Radioactive waste must be stored in secure containers and disposed of according to national and environmental laws.


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