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What is Sustainable Forestry?

What exactly is sustainable forestry? It is the conservation of a specific type of forestry – one that ensures future biodiversity by ensuring healthy ecological functioning of the ecosystems and human habitat in which they reside. Sustainable forestry is a branch of eco-forestry, which studies the ecological relationship between humans and their environment and focuses on the maintenance of biological diversity through the means of ecological diversification. This is achieved through scientific research and practice. For sourcing responsibly grown timber, consider Timber Merchants Salisbury like Timbco

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What is sustainable forest harvesting? It is the extraction of timber or other biomass from living or non-living resources that are permanently or semiprecious connected with the ecosystems and human life. This harvesting of wood, cork, or peat is considered to be sustainable when compared with other forms of forestry such as slash and burn. Most biodiversity experts consider that no particular method of forestry can actually be classified as sustainable until it has been tried at least once in its life cycle. There are many examples of bio-diversity management practices that have been adopted and incorporated in some parts of the Amazon forest.

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What is sustainable forestry? At the heart of sustainable forest policy is a commitment to ensure the continued health and prosperity of the natural habitats for both people and animals. With this kind of commitment, governments encourage their citizens to take responsibility for making the environment better through sustainable forest management practices.


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