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What stages do new teams go through

When a new team is formed, or someone new joins an existing one, there are a number of stages that this team will pass through before they are cemented together in their working styles. It can be a difficult time as everyone learns to adjust to each others working styles and personalities. But it is definitely worth it to see the end result. Once a team is working well together they will be able to deliver on your business projects and you will soon be rewarding them with Team Gifts like the ones from Miller and Co as a thank you for their hard work.

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The key stages that any team goes through are:

Forming – this is the stage where the team meets one another and starts to learn about one another. At this point, they are very much operating still as individuals whilst they work out what everyone’s role and responsibilities are going to be.

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Storming – this can be one of the most stressful stages as it is where the team start to slot into their roles and figure out their relationships with one another and builds trust. This is where there will be a conflict between how things are done and what roles each person is going to take within the team.

Norming – this is where the conflicts and disagreements have settled and people are comfortable with their position within the group. It is the part when they have learn what each others personalities are and they are learning to adjust and accept these,

Performing – this is the golden ticket point where the team is operating as a unit and everyone is working towards the same end goal.

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