What wood is used for flooring

If you are looking for new Laminate Wood Flooring you might be wondering what type of wood is used in flooring. There are lots of different types of wood that are used in different flooring. It will depend on the kind of flooring and the budget that you have as to what wood you end up with. When looking for laminate wood flooring at Irwin Tiles it is worth asking them what wood varieties are available.

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Oak – this is often the most common wood used in flooring and it is used in a variety of other construction materials as well. Oak is incredibly hard wearing and durable and the natural grains of the wood look very attractive when exposed and turned into flooring.

Cherry wood – this is common wood to be used in flooring, more often than not due to the vivid colour that comes from the exposed wood. It gives an incredibly neat look but it is important to note that the wood starts to darken in colour as it ages.

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Maple – this wood is often used in dance floors and bowling alleys as it gives a beautiful glossy finish. It is an incredibly strong wood and much like oak has a distinctive pattern in its grains which makes for a lovely design when put together in flooring.

Mahogany – this is an incredibly durable, strong wood and has a beautiful dark tone to it which makes for a wonderful atmosphere when it is used for flooring.

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