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Why is Shade Important in Building Design?

Why is shade important in building design? A building should be a good reflection of the people using it and should be energy efficient to retain its value. It is not only aesthetics that is important but also practicality as buildings should help with cooling and heating. Good shade can make the most drab building into an attractive one, complete with natural lighting.

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If you are thinking about shade for your building then there are a few things to consider. For instance, do you want the shade to block all the sun’s rays or just a specific area? If you are wanting to use a large amount of natural light then a shade that has a high level of UV resistance is what you need as this will ensure that your building doesn’t absorb excessive amounts of heat from the sun, which could lead to damage to wood, paint, or other surfaces. Find out more about the benefits of Brise Soleil at a site like Alu Systems

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Brise soleil is a very popular shade type in building design. It is permanent and can be retrofitted as well as incorporated in an original design of a building. It is also very environmentally friendly because it requires little maintenance and reduces the need for air conditioning. When it comes to choosing a shade you have many different options each with their own advantages and disadvantages but in the end the choice is yours.

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