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Why Your House is So Cold and Possible Solutions

You may be sat reading this wrapped up in the thickest blanket you could find, huddled next to the radiator with a burning hot cup of tea. I’ve been there, so I know how uncomfortable being cold in your own house is. You may be wondering how it is possible for your house to be such a low temperature, and want to know why it is. I will give you some possible reasons along with their solutions.

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  1. Cold is leaking from the outside into your home. To prevent draughts, you can seal your ‘home’s envelopes’, meaning all of the cracks and gaps around the outside of your windows and doors. There are a number of types of draught excluders you can buy to cover all potential spaces cold air can get through.
  2. If you have two floors, it could be possible that your heating system isn’t covering the whole house. To ensure that both floors are getting heated, you should invest in another heating system so you have one for each floor. It may sound like a lot but you’ll actually save energy by only heating the space that you use.

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  1. Your house has poor insulation. Your attic should be well insulated to prevent cold air from leaking into the rest of the house. You can insulate the walls and doors to keep your house from getting too cold.
  2. Your boiler needs looking at. If the heating is not doing a good job at warming up your house, perhaps there is a problem with your boiler. If you are looking for Cheltenham Boiler Servicing, I recommend contacting Blu Fish Cheltenham.

Hopefully after reading this, you will be able to identify what is causing your house to be so cold and find the solution as quickly as possible.

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