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Ways to Make Sure you Keep Warm in the Winter

Being warm in the winter is important for our health. Being too cold can have serious health consequences, such as pneumonia and hypothermia. For more vulnerable people the cold is particularly dangerous.

Of course, having the heating on full blast all of the time is expensive, so you will need to think about other ways that you can stay warm when the temperatures drop – here are some things that you can do…

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Stay Active – Doing some daily exercise can help to keep the body warm and mobilise the joints too. Even for people who have limited mobility, there are exercises that can help to keep the body warm. Exercise also gets the blood circulating around the body and helps you to lift your mood, so there are lots of good reasons to keep it up during the winter!

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Wrap up Warm – Warm clothing like an aran sweater like this www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters as well as thermal garments and also thick quilts and blankets will help you to stay warm in your home. When going out and about, good quality coats as well as hats and scarves are essential!

Food and Drink – There is a reason why we tend to have hearty hot food in the winter months. It helps us to stay nice and warm. As well as all of the comfort food that we enjoy in the winter, regular hot drinks can also help you to keep warm.

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