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First Flight: Heavier Than Air Plane With No Moving Parts

Here is a new surprising and impressive achievement: the first non-secret flight (10 seconds) of a solid state model airplane powered by an ion drive with no moving parts. Researchers from MIT have flown a plane without moving parts for the first time. It is powered by an ‘ion drive’ which uses high powered electrodes … Continue reading

Sight Restored in Blind with Stem-Cell Patch

Congratulations to Mr. Waters who can read again. His restored vision is a scientific miracle wherein some blind persons were given back their sight with stem cell therapy. As it turns out, the body of a mammal is such a fantastic dynamic system that if you put the right kind of stem cells in the … Continue reading

AI Gets Imagination, Creates Realistic Faces and More

Yesterday I was wondering how much I really believe that we are living in a simulation. Today, there is this. You may feel you recognize them, but not one of these faces is a real person, they are all “imagined” using a new frontier in artificial intelligence: a GAN, a neural network where opposing subnetworks … Continue reading

China’s AI News Anchors

What jobs are better done by artificial intelligences? Factory worker? Actors? News Reporter is not my first guess, but for China it makes sense. Some jobs, the ones with the most drudgery, could be done by AI’s in an optimistic version of our future, the future where they don’t wipe us out entirely, according to … Continue reading

Dubai Police Hoverbike Training Begins

The future we have seen in many science fiction movies is getting closer. The video below shows a motorcycle-sized quad copter successfully carrying an adult rider, hovering and moving a few feet above the ground. If the Scorpion 3 ridable drone by the Russian company “hoversurf” performs well (and especially if criminals start using their … Continue reading

Watching TV Without a License?

Did you know a licence is needed to watch ordinary TV in the UK? As an American I wouldn’t have believed this could be true, but it has been since at least 2003. The BBC is authorised by the Communications Act 2003 to collect and enforce the TV licence fee. Section 363 of the Act makes it … Continue reading

Video: A Robot Finger, for Your Phone

This is strange, some think even a bit creepy. Is this the humble beginning of smart phones becoming walking and talking androids? What if smartphones had a robotic limb? Many inventions start with a question that nobody else had ever thought to ask. Few of them end up being quite as creepy as MobiLimb. Created by … Continue reading

Rocket Launch Tonight in California (Watch Live)

Not-a-UFO alert: If you were in California tonight around 7:15-7:30 pm watching the sky toward LA and Vandenberg Air Force Base you likely saw a Falcon 9 rocket, with a huge glowing cloud around it. Watch here. My footage with an iPhone, unenhanced, shows that it was indeed not subtle, as Elon Musk foretold. Here … Continue reading

First Presidential Alert Sent to US Cell Phones

Did you get the presidential alert Wednesday in the USA? Double check, you probably did. There is a strange claim in a tweet by anti-virus software engineer John McAfee that the presidential alert system gives “the government access to your phone.” but the fact checker for snopes, Alex Kasprak, a science writer with a masters … Continue reading