How to Fix Right Click Not Working in Windows 10

Usually, the mouse has one scroll wheel and two buttons. The wheel locates between the two buttons. Before a lot of mice has only two buttons no wheel. But nowadays almost every mouse has a wheel. Since the mouse has two buttons that they perform a different kind of task. So when you working on pc with the help of a mouse then two buttons are important. But sometimes Right Click Not Working on pc. For this, there are some solutions especially for Windows 10.

Sometimes mouse does not work for various purposes. Here some solutions may be one of them that can fix Right Click in Windows 10.

Check Mouse

Check mouse connection and mouse button. Sometimes right click does not work because of mouse hardware damage. So if you want to check your mouse. You can connect your mouse to another computer and check it. If it does not work then you have to change your mouse.

Turn off the Tablet Mode

Tablet Mode does not allow the Right Click on pc and it can be a reason for not working Right Click on pc. In that case, just simply switch off the tablet mode. To switch off tablet mode follow the steps

Step 1: Click Window button + A

Step 2: Then go to Action Center

Step 3: Press on Tablet Mode off switch

Check Mouse Driver

Mouse Driver is essential software for mice. Without Mouse, the Driver mouse does not work. This driver helps to keep a connection between hardware and software. Sometimes Right-click not working because of the driver. To fix Right-click not working just update or reinstall the mouse driver

To reinstall or update the mouse driver follow these steps below

Step 1: Click on the Search icon and write “Device Manager” then click on it or press enter

Step 2: Search “Mice and other pointing devices” in the device manager list and click on it to expand

Step 3: Now select it to Uninstall

Step 4: Restart the pc

Note: Uninstall driver will be automatically installed by windows so do not worry about this driver

Update Mouse Driver

The mouse driver update is the same process as mouse driver uninstall. To update the mouse driver just follow the first two steps of Check Mouse Driver then select the Update driver. Then it windows automatically updates this driver.

Use Antivirus

To Fix Right Click Not Working antivirus can help. Sometimes mouse right clicks not working because of a virus. A powerful antivirus can detect the virus and kill that virus. Then your right-click will be okay

Windows File Explorer restart

This solution can be effective to solve this problem

Step 1: first Task Manager open

Step 2: Press on Processes from task manager

Step 3: Chose Windows Explorer

Step 4: Then click on the Restart option

Scan System File Checker

This grant user so that user can scan and find out system files which are corrupted and restore them. There is a tool (SFC.exe) that is used for system file scans and it also repairs the corrupted file or missing any file.

Step 1: Click on the Search icon from the taskbar

Step 2: Then write Command Prompt

Step 3: A black window will be opened

Step 4: Then write the Scannow command

Step 5: Press Enter

After press Enter, SFC starts and takes few moments to finish the task. If SFC finds out any problem then it will be fixed.

Remove third-party software

Sometimes when third-party software installs on pc that can interrupt up with build-in software and create trouble. As a result, some driver does not work properly. To uninstall third-party software click the Windows button + R then window open a box. Now enter “Appwiz.cpl” and click on enter. After clicking a list will appear where the installed software display. Now select which one you want to uninstall.

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