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The Career of Lewis Hamilton

Sir Lewis Hamilton is an extremely successful British racing driver. He is currently competing in Formula One for Mercedes, who he has previously driven for in Formula One for five years. During this time he has amassed more wins than any other driver in the history of the sport. His achievements in Formula One have seen him earn record podium finishes and equalling Michael Schmaucher’s 7 world titles in 2020. As a result of his success in Formula One Lewis Hamilton has also achieved considerable wealth, including earning himself a three-year contract with Mercedes Benz.

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A huge attraction to young drivers is the chance to drive a successful car, and since Lewis Hamilton has a successful car himself it will appeal to many. It also gives fans of the sport a chance to see their idol up close. Being a great driver doesn’t guarantee success, but for any sportsman success is always possible provided you have the right attitude.

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Lewis Hamilton’s success stems from a career that began at the karting level of motor racing, His family made great sacrifices for him. His Father worked 3 jobs and the young Lewis was told, in no uncertain terms, that the only way he would be allowed to continue was if his academic studies were exemplary. This has given us a measured, intelligent, erudite champion who is in line for a record eighth world title making him the true greatest of all time. To see him do it you need a decent aerial and that is where TV Aerials Cheltenham based expert Steve Unett Aerials comes in.

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