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Pumpkin Boat Races

You’ve probably heard of corn mazes around this time of year, but did you know that boat races in giant hollowed out pumpkins are also a thing? There are many videos of giant pumpkin paddle boat races on YouTube if you doubt it. The strangest thing I saw today is that these 500lb + gourds … Continue reading

Rocket Launch Tonight in California (Watch Live)

Not-a-UFO alert: If you were in California tonight around 7:15-7:30 pm watching the sky toward LA and Vandenberg Air Force Base you likely saw a Falcon 9 rocket, with a huge glowing cloud around it. Watch here. My footage with an iPhone, unenhanced, shows that it was indeed not subtle, as Elon Musk foretold. Here … Continue reading

Strange Claim: Viktor Grebennikov’s Anti-Gravity Platform

Here is a fun strange claim from the paranormal folklore: A Russian man with deep interest in bugs discovered that some beetles float instead of flying. Using gravity-defying bug wings he put in a box, Viktor Grebennikov claimed to have made a device that could lift him off of the ground. Here is the only … Continue reading

Monkey Starts a Car, Almost!

Newer cars in some countries now come standard with an automated monkey assisted starter. Not many people have a pet monkey. Not many people have a pet monkey that they would trust with their car keys. Even fewer people have a pet monkey that knows how to start their car using the keys. I found … Continue reading

Video: Why did Russia Abandon a Space Shuttle in the Desert?

Did you know Russia once built a space shuttle using plans obtained from the USA? You might enjoy the video below. DarkDocs is a new narrated documentary video from Dark5 taking an in-depth look at at some of the most mysterious stories on Earth. This week: Why did Russia Abandon a Space Shuttle in the … Continue reading

Ironic: License Plate, Seen at the Golden Gate Bridge

Happy Mother’s Day. Today is also mild irony day. Sitting at Golden Gate Bridge with a guitar, working on a song about being rewarded for pleasing the zoo keeper of the earth, a car pulled in front of me with a surprising license plate. I don’t think I’ll get in trouble for posting it. This … Continue reading

Video: Strange Dark UFO Cloud Filmed from Jet

Here is a UFO video posted just a few months ago on YouTube. Hoaxes are frequent there, but this video is convincing to me, I think it is real. UFO Sighting Location, Over Aegean Sea, March 2018 Footage of a strange object in the sky above the Turkish province of Izmir and the Aegean Sea … Continue reading

Oumuamua: A Visitor from Beyond our Solar System

What would an object visiting from outside of our solar system look like? Astronomers now have one answer to this question: like a spinning cigar. At first, astronomers thought the rapidly moving faint light was a comet or an asteroid that had originated in our solar system. But based on its orbit, the astronomers realized … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day, 2018: Massive Accident, “Rained Glass” on I-80 East Near Berkeley

An unusual amount of glass was reported on freeway I-80 E near Berkeley CA with many cars totaled over a 1/2 mile stretch. This was not reported by news sites elsewhere, but some of the details were strange. About 10:45 pm 2/14/2018 a reporter for TrueStrange.com called in a massive car accident, at least 10 … Continue reading