The Importance of Water in Burial and birthing Rituals

The importance of water in burial rituals is not something that is a new concept. For thousands of years, the Egyptians have been practicing mummification and using mummification methods to preserve the body and keep it from decaying. Because of the importance of water to the Egyptians, they created a number of mummification rites based around water. For example, during the time of the Pharaohs, every burial ritual had a small jar of water with water from the Nile available. Today, when you look into a tomb, you will see that this jar or other container has either been cracked or shattered.  They needed somewhere for all that waste water to go and you can bet that they would have appreciated some Drain Lining from Wilkinson Environmental.

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Water also plays an important role in the afterlife. The dead used to be placed into a small casket which had water inside of it to help bring them back to life. The Egyptians were also known to use water as a way of embalming their bodies prior to burial. Embalming was done by wrapping the body in linen soaked in water or fat from a goat. This was said to keep the body “alive” and able to travel to the afterlife.

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Beyond the Egyptian influence, many other cultures across Earth used water to bring the soul to the next world or to maintain the body after death. In the Christian church, many people believe that water can bring them to heaven and the church offers many services based around the idea of purified water. There are also some communities where people build beautiful mausoleums with pools to hold the dead. In these ancient times, the use of water for cleansing and for raising the spirit is quite common.

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