What to Think of When Buying a Listed Property

The UK is full of many listed buildings in fact that are at least half a million buildings in the UK that are listed. They can either be grade 1 or grade 2 but by far most of them are grade 2. Grade one listed properties are of more special historical interest than grade 2. Grade 1 listed buildings are usually deemed to be of national importance and are usually not residential properties, they are more likely to be places such as public building such as cathedrals.

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If you are thinking of buying a listed building to live in yourself then there are a few additional things that you should consider…

Before buying a property that is listed you will need to get a more detailed survey done by a professional such as this building survey Chelmsford based company . This will find any problems that there may be with the property before you buy it such as structural damage and repairs that may need to be made to the building.

If you are happy to go ahead with the purchase of a listed property, you need to take into account that you will need to get permissions to make changes to the property. For example, adding an extension or putting in new windows. You may have to ensure that you use certain materials when you do this.

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You also need to let your insurance company know that the property is listed as it may be that you need specialist insurance cover. This may cost a bit more than you might pay for home insurance on a non-listed property.

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